Should Have Considered Indoor Puppy Housebreaking

Complaining About Cold Winter Weather

It was interesting the other day during our regular dog play session outside in our common back yard area that my neighbours and I share here at our townhouse condo complex.  One of my neighbours who lives right across the back with his little dog were outside with my two dogs.

It was a typical Canadian winter day with the wind blowing so there was definitely a wind chill factor there.  I just came back from a day of skiing so I was still dressed in my ski wear which is quite warm.  Being a non-skier, my neighbour didn’t have the high-tech winter clothing that I had on.

Throughout the entire dog play session, he kept remarking how he just hates the wind making the winter here so much colder.  He even said that sometimes when his little dog goes out, he doesn’t want to stay out and will look for the door within a few minutes, even if he has a dog coat on.

Indoor Puppy Housebreaking Possible

Well, his little Maltese dog was a perfect candidate for indoor puppy housebreaking with either a commercial dog litter box or one of those other units with the fake grass turf.  He should have considered this method of housebreaking for his dog especially now that both he and his little dog seem to be hating the winter cold temperatures.

It’s especially tough when he has to wait outside for his dog to poop if the dog doesn’t do so immediately.  Meanwhile, both are freezing out there.  My two dogs, who ARE both trained with an indoor puppy housebreaking method, stay out just as long as they are comfortable.  When they get cold, they simply come back inside regardless if they pooped or not since they know that they have an indoor dog litter box inside the house available to them.

This is also possible for you and your dog as well if you learn and follow a specific indoor puppy housebreaking method which is described at my dog website.  No need to suffer from the extreme cold winter temperatures again.

Creative Commons License photo credit: pauljess999

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