Shooting A Ton Of Dog House Training Videos

#dogs #dog #dogtraining #puppies #puppy #puppytraining  —  I’m shooting a ton of dog house training videos to support my specialty potty training dogs website.  I hope to shoot as many as four clips today alone.

I’ve got lots of ideas and mini-topics that I could talk about in video form and some of these topics will have accompanying text articles as well.  So the website will be expanding quite a bit over the next couple of weeks.

House training is sometimes a tricky thing for many new dog owners and specifically training dogs to go indoors with a litter box is my specialty.  Both of my dogs Chester and Roxie are fully house trained this way.  In fact, I’ve been using this method since 1979 when I first got Pepper, my first ever puppy I had responsibility for.

I will try to shoot different video clips in different locations or scenarios just to make things more interesting.  As soon as each new house training video is shot and edited, I will announce its release here on this dog blog and maybe to the free subscribers of my basic dog training video as well.

So stay tuned as there should be lots of new and interesting content coming in the form of both video and text articles very soon here.  I’m really going to share valuable information on dog house training.

In the meantime, if you have still not viewed my free basic dog obedience training video, you can simply sign up for access at the blog sidebar, my Life With Dogs and Puppies Facebook page or at the dog website itself.

See you all soon on video!

Creative Commons License photo credit: seansharifi

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  • professional dog trainings are expensive specially if you hire those dog trainers that can teach your dogs lots of tricks ‘~,

  • My dog trainer is very affordable at about $200 per dog for a six week course. That’s a really good investment. I will feature her on video at some point. In the meantime, the basic dog training video I offer is free – how’s that for a price? Just go to this blog’s sidebar for details on it.