Saw My Dog’s Third Eyelid

#dog #dogs #puppies #puppy #pets  — As I was applying the eye ointment in my dog’s eye last night, I finally got a good look at his third eyelid!  All these years of being a dog owner, I never knew that dogs had a third eyelid.

According to my vet, this third eyelid goes across the eye when the dog’s main two eyelids are shut.  That’s why we hardly ever notice it.  It serves like windshield wipers to clean the eye better.

Last night, as I put my fingers near Chester’s eye, he instinctively closed his eye.  So I used two of my fingers to gently pry them open and as I did that, I saw that his third eyelid was about halfway across his eyeball.  It was sort of opaque in colour.

It quickly retracted back inside towards his nose so it didn’t stay there for long but at least I got a good look at it.  It was really weird.  Almost like what sharks do!  So I was thinking that my Chester boy has shark eyes!

It’s this third eyelid that is connected to this gland responsible for about 1/3 of tear production and when this gland blows out of proportion, we end up with cherry eye.

According to my vet, another time that you might be able to see this third eyelid is when your dog is half asleep and groggy.  You might be able to go in and check it out then.

This third eyelid is really strange but since all dogs and apparently many other animals have it, it must serve its purpose quite well.  Of course, I would much rather see both of my dogs with their beautiful eyes beaming!

Here is a photo of a dog with the normal third eyelid.  It’s pretty gross but all dogs have this.

dog third eyelid lid

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