Saw Dog Movie Marley And Me

I saw the dog movie Marley and Me today on video. I say ‘dog’ movie even though the film had big stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as a young couple who starts their married life with a lab pup named Marley. This is because like any movie with a dog, the animal will always end up being the real star and this was no exception.

The movie shows the couple going through life with Marley over the years as he grows up to be a poorly trained dog that causes all sorts of hilarious trouble. The movie is about 80% comedy and the various dogs that play Marley as a puppy to fully grown dog did awesome jobs.

The couple ends up with three children and Marley is there to see this family grow. Of course, the kids end up seeing Marley as one of the family as well.

The thing that surprised me about the movie is that last part was anything but a comedy. It shows some reality I suppose as an aging Marley starts having health problems. Near the end, they even show Owen Wilson’s character at the vet clinic sharing a tender moment with his beloved dog before the time came to put Marley to sleep.

Having been through this same experience in real life at a vet clinic with one of my past dogs as well, I felt very numb through the last parts of the movie. They even go as far as showing the vet injecting the euthanasia solution. I’m not sure if I liked the director going so graphic but it does show reality, especially to non-dog owners out there, one what we dog owners do have to go through.

The movie ends with the family burying Marley in the grounds of their home’s yard, not exactly what you call a happy ending. But again, this is reality. Owen’ character at the end rants off about how dogs don’t really care about how rich you are or what you look like. All they care about is if you give them your heart, they will give you their’s unconditionally and that it would be hard to find people like that. This is very true as we dog owners know.

Overall, it was a nice movie to watch with lots of funny moments but I’m just not so sure if I really wanted to see such an ending no matter how real life it is. One thing for sure is that I’m pretty confident that pretty well every single dog owner out there who saw this movie went back home to hug their dogs big time.

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