Saving Money At Online Pet Pharmacies Again

#pet #pets #drugs #pharmacy #dog #dogs —–  I took my two lhasa apso dogs into the vet yesterday to get their heartworm blood tests and once again like the previous two years, I requested written prescriptions from the vet for heartworm prevention medications for the upcoming season.  I need written prescriptions in order to get my heartworm meds at the internet pharmacy I have been using.  Once again, I will be saving money at online pet pharmacies this way.

The actual heartworm medication that my dogs have been on is Sentinel and the online pet pharmacy I order from charges about 30% less than if I got the meds directly from my vet clinic.  This includes shipping costs factored in as well.  Actually, I don’t pay for shipping because since I have two dogs, my orders are over the $100 minimum for free shipping anyway.

My vet understands this completely and is more than willing to provide me with written prescriptions so I can save money.  Since the heartworm season doesn’t officially start until June, I have time for the shipping of my Sentinel to get here.  It takes about a week.

The process for buying medications and drugs through an online pet pharmacy is pretty straight forward.  They have standard internet shopping carts that are secure and you just enter all the usual shopping information.  The only extra step that you have to take with prescription medications is that you have to fax them the actual written prescriptions signed by your vet.

For a lot more detailed information, I have an article as well as video all about my experiences saving money at online pet pharmacies.  Check it out as these internet pharmacies can save you on costs significantly.

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