Ringing In New Year Is Better With Dogs

Ringing In The New Year

I’ve spent many New Year’s eve celebrations at big parties at huge venues, outdoor parties, smaller get-togethers at friends’ homes and overseas during travel.  However, something seems to be missing when my dogs are not with me to ring in the New Year.  So for the past few years, I decided to try out celebrating at home and ringing in the New Year with my dogs.

The first time I did it with them, they were actually sleeping already since it’s usually pass their ‘bedtime’.  I actually woke them up to say Happy New Year to them (as if they understood what the heck I was saying!).

This time for some reason, we were all still up and about at home.  So I watched the CNN coverage at Times Square in New York City with both of my dogs sitting with me on my living couch.  At the stroke of midnight, I celebrated the New Year with my dogs.

Better Than New Year’s Eve Rip-Offs

This might seem hokey to most non-pet owners I’m sure.  But for me, it just felt right.  I never quite feel right when celebrating New Year elsewhere.  For example, the fancy big parties are always a huge pricey rip-off.  The outdoor parties organized by the cities were much too cold -it’s winter up here in Canada.

The smaller functions at friends houses were okay but I was still without my dogs.  To me, I think I should be celebrating the New Year with the living creatures and beings that mean the most to me.  Since I’ve been single for the last few years, my dogs are therefore more meaningful to me than anybody else so it only feels right to ring in the New Year with them, even if they don’t understand it.

New Year With Dogs Are Best

One thing I do know is that I’m sure that both of my dogs Chester and Roxie were quite happy with my celebratory mood at the stroke of midnight this past New Year.  In my opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate the New Year than that!

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Happy New Year to all my readers and friends of my dog blog!

New Year 2011 - Greetings
Creative Commons License photo credit: valcanno

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