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Leash Free Dog Parks

Ever wonder what really happens in leash free dog parks?   Some of our members from our small dogs outings Meetup group attends our events at dog parks while other members just come to our trail walks.  Several dogs from our group attend both types of outings.

My two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie (shown above with two of their friends) have been going out to our local leash free dog parks in Mississauga for quite some time well before our small dogs group was even formed.  They appreciate being able to roam free although my boy Chester doesn’t like any of the bigger dogs.  He still does okay since most of the big dogs simply walk away when they quickly realize that Chester doesn’t want to socialize with them.

When our small dogs get together at these dog parks, they go around in a little pack which is always nice to see.  They feel like a nice little group and check out other dogs together as a group, ie., strength in numbers.

Recently, I came across a hilarious video of humans portraying various dog behaviours in dog parks and I must say they are pretty accurate!  Both dog owners and non-dog people alike will find this clip very entertaining but those of us who have dogs who go to dog parks will especially laugh at the accuracy of these portrayals.  Get ready to be entertained here.

Hope you liked the video as much as I did. If you have not brought your dog to a leash free dog park yet, try it out. It might open up a new horizon for you and your dog.

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