Ready For The Winter With Our Muttluks Dog Boots

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Muttluks Dog Boots

The snow isn’t quite here yet but we can feel it coming.  And when it does come with the full blast of the Canadian winter, my dogs Chester and Roxie will be ready to hit the roads out there.  Although the city uses salt (they have already salted our roads a few days this season), my dogs will not be bothered by it because on these days, they will be wearing their Muttluks dog boots.

I did a video and written review of Muttluks dog boots before so I won’t repeat it here – if you missed it, see my Muttluks dog boots review.  We are still quite pleased with the Muttluks and will continue to use them this winter.

This brand of dog boots, which is the best one I found after trying out some other brands that were too hard to put on and/or didn’t fit properly, is sometimes not easy to find.  But fortunately, I did find a good online source for Muttluks in case you can’t find any locally or if the prices are too high at the local retailers.

Check out our recommended source which is Pet Street Mall as they have a wide selection of Muttluks dog boots for your dog.  Click on the banner below and then do a search for Muttluks at their website.

PetStreetMall - Quality Products at Low Prices!

Get Dog Boots In Advance

If you live in a snow region, I would recommend getting a set of dog boots now in advance of the full force of winter.  This way, you and your pet will be ready for all that winter fun out there without irritating his or her paws or getting too cold.

Believe me, it’s no fun when you are out there and your dog suddenly feels irritated in one or more of the paws because of salt or snow pellets or ice sticking to the bottom.  I’ve had to carry both Chester and Roxie home (once had to carry both of them at the same time) because they could not walk anymore because of paw irritation.

The Muttluks also keep them nice and warm too as our sets have fleece lining inside the dog boots.  Both Chester and Roxie appreciated their Muttluks during the winter.

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