Push Purina To Sell Second Nature Dog Litter In Canada

#dog #dogs — I was in the US for a business trip speaking at a college in upstate New York this week and since it was a road trip, I took advantage of being there to stop by Petco and Petsmart to stock up on Purina Second Nature dog litter (see my review about this product).

The package has both English and French text on it so it was definitely originally intended to sell in both Canada and the US.  The fact that Second Nature is still not available in Canada is absolutely ridiculous, especially given that the product is made in New Brunswick.

So many dog owners up here in Canada could use Second Nature especially with our cold winters which doesn’t make it feasible all the time to bring our dogs outside.  Their similar product, Yesterday’s News, is good but because the pellets are so small, there is a lot of tracking.  This is why the larger pellets of Second Nature would be much better for the dog litterbox.

If you are a Canadian dog owner, especially of a smaller breed who can benefit from indoor litterbox training, get your local pet store to push the Purina people to come to their senses and make Second Nature available in Canada.

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