Kennel Essential Item For Crate Training Puppies

Kennel For Crate Training Puppies

There are quite a few essential items to get and make sure they are in place at home before bringing home a new puppy and one of these items is a kennel for crate training puppies.  Before you make negative thoughts about them, dog crates are not cruel at all.

My puppies were introduced to their kennel (which I had for use with my previous dogs with success) as soon as they came home with me for the very first time.  They were taught that the crate is not a place for punishment.  Instead, it’s a place where they can feel comfortable and secure when I’m not around.

Variety Of Sources For Kennel Crates

There are a variety of sources for getting an appropriate kennel for crate training puppies.  Not only are there the usual pet supply retail stores, you can get them online new and used as well.  Just make sure that you clean it thoroughly if buying a used one.

Getting the correct size is important as well.  You want to get a kennel that can still be used when your dog is fully grown as an adult.  So get the right information from the breeder or pet stores with confirmation with resources online about your breed on just how big your dog will eventually be.  You want to get a crate that will fit your dog as an adult just so that there is enough room to stand up and turn around.

As Adults After Crate Training Puppies

Of course, such a crate will likely be too large for a puppy so the trick I use is to stuff such a puppy kennel with towels to fill in extra space I don’t need for the time being when my dog is still a puppy.  Again, especially during crate training puppies, you want only enough room inside the crate so that there is enough room for them to stand up and turn around — no more space than that.

Once they get bigger, you remove the towel so give them extra space and then as adults, they can use it as their regular sleeping quarters or place of relaxation which is what my two dogs do.

I have an entire section on using a puppy kennel crate in my book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor House Training For Dogs‘.

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