Puppy Housetraining Success With Dog Litter Box

Puppy Housetraining Success

Here’s a great example of a puppy housetraining success with a dog litter box.  It’s from Linda Meloche in Florida with her puppy Abby.  Linda lives in a national forest where there is much wildlife around and she decided that training her new puppy indoors with a dog litter box would be the way to go in order to keep her pet safe.

Here’s what she said;

“Your book and help with my Abby has been great.  People laugh when I tell them she is 100% litter box trained, I say check out Clint Cora’s book on the web and see for yourself.  I live in the Ocala National Forest in Florida and our weather here is so unpredicable that having Abby litter trained is a must.  I also feed the many wildlife critters in our yard — foxes, coon, coyotes and deer, then the flying squirrels and possoms at night — that it make it very unsafe for her to be outside doing her business at night or day.  My outside family of critters come very close to me when I feed them so if Abby was out there we feel they would think she was a tasty morsel that I brought out to them.  I love the litter box idea, its fantastic — Abby is now four months and a little pistol!”

100% Dog Litter Box Trained

Notice that her puppy Abby (pictured below) is 100% litter box trained!  A great success story where everyone involved is happy and safely co-existing with the surrounding wildlife.  Linda can take Abby out for exercise and fun but during bad weather or if the larger wildlife are near, Abby can stay indoors.

So this is yet another example of how puppy housetraining with a dog litter box can be used even in southern regions.  Of course, those dog owners living in northern cold winter regions are prime candidates for litter box housetraining but Linda and Abby proves here that many other areas can equally benefit with this method.

Nice work Linda and Abby!

puppy housetraining dog litter box

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