Puppy Housebreaking Takes Consistency

Puppy Housebreaking

I heard that another new dog owner gave up a dog because of failure in puppy housebreaking.  They got a new puppy about mid February and already got rid of it as they put it in early March.  They even read some books on dog training but obviously they didn’t take things into heart.

Puppy housebreaking and dog training takes consistency and patience.  You can’t just read a book and expect immediate results without a lot of effort.  It’s repetition and being consistent while involving the entire family that ensures success with dogs.  Full puppy housebreaking may take weeks and even months to have 100% success.

If one is not willing to put this type of time and effort into dog training and puppy housebreaking, one should not have a dog.  Just ask successful dog owners out there.  Training must be continuous on a daily level so that the puppy is not confused.  Dogs are smart but they have to be directed with lots of repetition.

If the patience and effort is not there, no dog books in the world will help.  Even my free dog training videos won’t help if not willing to put in the right effort.  So it is important to take a personal inventory of one’s own aptitude.  Do you have the patience and determination to be a dog owner?  Not everyone does.

Puppy Housebreaking Requires Right Dog Owners

For those who have already too busy family lives or those singles who need to be out all the time, a dog perhaps is not the right type of pet.  Get some tropical fish instead.  Don’t subject an innocent puppy to dog training that is under par and well below what is required of the dog owner.  It’s not fair to the animal.

Instead, let those who have the patience in proper puppy housebreaking and dog training to have dogs.  I mean really, mid February to early March as an expected time period for total dog training success?  That is just irresponsible.

puppy housebreaking dog training
Creative Commons License photo credit: DaMongMan

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