Puppy Housebreaking Method Easy For Pet Sitters

Puppy Housebreaking Method

I am going on a two night trip to Quebec later this month.  I’ll be taking about ten people on a short ski trip to Mt Tremblant and Mt Olympia over Ontario’s Family Day long weekend.  I’m going to choose to leave my two lhasa apso dogs at home here in Ontario.  Instead of putting them up at a dog kennel, I’m going to use a dog sitter and she’s actually going to be staying overnight at my house with my dogs.  It’s pretty cold out there in our Canadian winter with the outside temperature this morning at minus 16 degrees Celcius or about 3 degrees F.  But with the way we went through our puppy housebreaking, this will not be a big problem for my dog sitter at all.

Indoor Puppy Litter Box Makes It Easy

This is because my two dogs are both trained through their puppy housebreaking method to use a indoor puppy litter box.  So my pet sitter will not have to go outside with my dogs to do their business.  It doesn’t matter how cold it gets out there since my pet sitter and my dogs can stay inside.  She just has to replace some of the dog litter in the puppy litter box maybe once per day.

This makes things so much easier for my dog sitter.  My two dogs will be doing what they normally do each day at home which is to use their indoor puppy litter box.  If the weather is nice out there, my dog sitter could take my two dogs outside in the backyard to play for awhile, especially with any of their neighbourhood dog friends.

Thanks to the puppy housebreaking method we used, it makes things so much easier not only when I’m at home, but also when I use a dog sitter who will be staying over when I’m traveling.  To learn more about this training method, go to my Potty Training Dog webpage.

puppy housebreaking puppy litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: Daniel Veazey

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