Puppy Housebreaking Indoors To Avoid High Winds

Puppy Housebreaking Indoors

We have had some really weird and varied weather patterns this winter up here in Canada so far.  Last week, it was warm enough that there was rain instead of snow.  Much of the snow on the ground melted and disappeared.  Then for the last two days, we had clear sunny skies which at first might indicate great days to take the dogs out.  But it turned out to be unusually high winds out there.  My dogs hate being blown around and they didn’t seem to enjoy a short walk we did yesterday.  So for today, we are not going to bother going out and our puppy housebreaking indoors training allows us to avoid those high winds.

Dog Litterbox Handy

My Lhasa Apso dogs are totally trained indoors as they went through puppy housebreaking using a dog litterbox which has become very handy to have at home especially during less than ideal days outside to take them out for walks.  After all, nobody likes to get blown around by high winds, not dogs and not people.

Puppy housebreaking with a dog litterbox allows the freedom of staying in when it’s too wet, too cold and now I realize, too windy out there to do dog walks.  My dogs are simply going to their dog litterbox whenever they need to while staying inside the comforts of home.  The pet industry has come out with all sorts of different dog litterboxes, sometimes known as indoor potty.

We currently use Purina Second Nature dog litter plus a dog litterbox from Petco.  Things are working great at home with this system of puppy housebreaking.  So as we watch outside our windows seeing other dog owners and their dogs getting blown around by the high winds, we’ll stay inside today until another day when it’s nicer to venture outside.

For information on such a system, see puppy housebreaking with a dog litterbox.  For more general information on basic dog training, see the details at the blog sidebar.

puppy housebreaking dog litterbox
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