Puppy House Training With Litter Box For Dogs Equals Freedom

Puppy House Training

One of the big results that I got from deciding to put my two lhasa apsos through puppy house training with a litter box for dogs when they were young was the real freedom we get.  There’s freedom for my dogs because they can go to their designated indoor toilet whenever they need to without having to hold things in for hours at a time.  Then there’s freedom for me as I can enjoy my seasonal winter ski trips I make 2-3 times per week.

During these ski trips, I usually drive 2 hours to get to my ski area and of course it’s another 2 hours back for a total transit time of 4 hours.  When I’m up there at my ski resort, I’m usually there for 5 to 6 hours at a time.  This can easily mean a 9 to 10 hour day away from home where my little dogs are.

Litter Box For Dogs So Convenient

My long days 2 or 3 times per week during the winter is not a problem for my dogs.  They don’t have to wait for me to come home to take them out to do their business.  They just go to the litter box for dogs that we have in my spare bathroom.  It’s so convenient.

I don’t have to rush home if the roads get a bit slippery.  I would rather drive slow and make it back home in one piece rather than try to rush home.  The puppy house training that my dogs went through was designed so that I don’t have to rush home for them.

I shot a video just to discuss the great freedom that was derived from my decision to use a litter box for dogs.  See it just below.

You too can have this same type of freedom with your dog if you follow the proper type of puppy house training.    Go to Potty Training Puppies for more information.

Creative Commons License photo credit: allnightavenue

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  • This training is compulsory for every pet, how to use litter box this video can help you to train your dog …

  • Yes, we have produced a few different free videos about the use of a dog litter box at our website as well as a basic dog training video that anyone can access. Just see our homepage for details.

  • Sandie Santamaria-Tremblay

    My dog is 3 years old & I adopted him from a shelter. He’s a Silkie. He’s house broken but I want to train him to use an indoor system too. I have been trying with pee pads unsuccessfully. I also tried the Potty Patch and a litter box. He has no interest in any of them. What should I do?

  • Clint Cora

    You need a training progression as these devices will not be automatically learned by dogs, especially if they are already outdoor trained. There is a chapter on these cases in my training method. See http://www.pottytrainpuppydog.com/pottytrainingdog.html

  • Sandie Santamaria-Tremblay

    Thank you for such a quick response. I will follow your advice. I really enjoy your videos & all the information you provide. I just adore my little guy & I want him to be healthy & happy.

  • Clint Cora

    Your own education is part of helping your dog keep happy. Don’t skimp on this.

  • Sandie Santamaria-Tremblay


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