Puppy House Training With Dog Litter Box Next Time

Puppy House Training Different Next Time

He should have used a dog litter box.  I was out in the backyard this afternoon with my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  My neighbour with the Maltese came out shorter afterwards since my boy likes to play with his Maltese buddy.  My neighbour told me that they are currently considering getting a second dog now.

They are thinking about getting what’s known as a Teacup Maltese, which is a smaller version of the standard Maltese breed, which is quite small enough for a dog.  The wife wants a second dog that is smaller so she can carry him/her around.

My neighbour then told me that if they do get a second dog, they will do puppy house training differently than what they did with their current Maltese, who is traditionally house trained to go outdoors.  They have been feeling the effects of the cold winter weather and having to take their Maltese out so for the second dog, they definitely want to do things differently.

Dog Litter Box Good Idea

This is where a dog litter box will be a good idea for them.  They can get the new dog to do puppy house training this way indoors and their first Maltese could be influenced to follow suit and use the dog litter box as well.  The first one can then be sort of dual trained.  That is, use the indoor spot when he needs to and especially in cold weather.  Then when outdoors for fun, he can also go if he wants to much like what my two lhasa apsos do.

My two dogs normally use their indoor dog litter box and will go outdoors too when we are outside.  This of course takes a different training method compared to traditional styles.  The puppy house training I utilize will work great when my neighbour decides to bring in a second dog.

For more details on this method, see my Potty Training Dogs page.

dog litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: sarah.sewell

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