Puppy Dog Litter Box Video

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Here is a video where I show the dog litter box and commercial dog litter that we use for my two dogs at home.  This is actually the second dog litter box we’ve used.  The first one was made by Purina and we used that one for a few years.  We just got this new blue one at Petco this year as a replacement.

This dog litter box from Petco is pretty nice.  It’s solid and easy to rinse out.  My dogs did not have an issue switching over to their new litter box at all as it’s just as easy to get in and out as their first one by Purina.

Of course, there are other product options available but the training method is still the same which I outline in step by step detail in my new book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenience House Training Indoors For Dogs‘.

Check out the free basic dog obedience training video at my dog website or through the sidebar of this blog.

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  • Lisa J.

    Within 4 days of using your method I was able to take up all puppy pads and use only the dog litter box! Thanks so much! Lisa J.

  • Good to hear!