Puppy Crate Training Works So Well

Puppy Crate Training

crate training works so well that it is recommended as a key part in housebreaking dogs either to go outside or to use an indoor dog litter box like my dogs do.  Dog crates should not be considered as punishment or inhumane.  Instead, they should be considered as wonderful places that dogs can learn to really like.

Puppies can learn to feel safe and comfortable in crates since they resemble a den in nature.  Since they don’t want to soil their dens, they will learn to hold things in for housebreaking purposes.

Much more information was in my video on puppy crate training.  You can see in this video that my girl Roxie was actually relaxing in the crate while I was shooting the video.  She went in on her own.

Right now as I write this blog post, it’s quite late at night at almost midnight.  I was looking around to see where my dogs were.  My boy Chester was underneath the table where I’m working but Roxie was nowhere in sight.

Other Benefit Of Puppy Crate Training

I located her already sleeping in her dog crate in my bedroom.  After a certain time at night, she tends to go to the crate to sleep all on her own.  This shows that she feels very comfortable using the crate as her place to sleep overnight.  This should put to rest on any thoughts that the use of dog crates are cruel to our pets.

The opposite is true.  It is actually the safest place to be at times.  For example, when traveling with your dog at a pet friendly hotel, the use of a dog crate is often mandatory according to the hotel regulations.  And your pet would not get into trouble if resting inside the crate.

So puppy crate training is not only great for housebreaking, but great for other things like where to sleep and rest.  My book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘ has an entire section on how to use a dog crate as part of the overall progression I use.

puppy crate training
Creative Commons License photo credit: bdollproject

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