Puppies Can’t Figure Out What Cat Is

#pets #puppies #dogs #dog #cats — This is just a really cute video showing a group of puppies who are probably seeing a cat for the very first time and couldn’t figure out what it is.

I remember one time when I was walking my two dogs outside and we past a cat that was just sitting on the lawn.  This cat was not scared of them at all and just sat there.  My two dogs Chester and Roxie didn’t even bark as they just stood there for a moment watching the cat.  I think it was the same situation as it was the first time they saw a cat too.

Since then, they have seen a neighbour’s cat wondering around the back occasionally and they now do bark at it.  In fact, one day when we were all outside with the other neighbourhood dogs, this same cat was let outside for some reason and my Roxie spotted it.  She chased it down the yard to our surprise which I wasn’t too pleased about.  So I’m going to have to keep a closer watch on her especially if any cat is around when outside.

Enjoy this video with the puppies.

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