Puppies Are Not Automatically Trained On Newspapers

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Puppies Trained On Newspapers

Sometimes there’s a misconception that all puppies are automatically trained on newspapers and as a result, some new dog owners think that if newspapers are set up somewhere in the home, the puppies will automatically go there to do their business.  This is of course not true but does deserve some clarification.

It is true that most dog breeders and pet stores will use newspapers with puppies.  This makes sense since newspapers are cheap.  So by the time a new dog owner brings a new puppy home, that puppy will have gone on newspapers already.

However, this does not mean that puppies know enough not to do their thing anywhere else.  Remember that puppies are infants and they don’t know much when they are young.

It is up to us as dog owners to teach them where to go, whether on newspapers, dog litter box, pee pads, or outside (or a combination of all of these) as well as where NOT to go.  Puppies don’t know that they are not allowed to go on rugs too.

Dog Housetraining With Newspapers

Puppy housetraining can indeed start with newspapers since most puppies have seen them before.  But they also have to be taught not to go on areas you don’t want them to do their business on.

My first two Lhasa Apso dogs Pepper and Max were actually housetrained on newspapers their entire lives since this was before the age of dog litter boxes and pee pads.  This worked out well for us as they were both successfully paper trained.

But now with more product options, we can use dog litter box systems and that is what my current Lhasa Apsos Chester and Roxie use when at home.  They started out with newspapers as well but it was integrated with a dog litter box right from day one when they arrived at my home.

Housetrain Your Dog With Litterbox Indoors

For those of you who might want to explore the option to housetrain your dog with a litterbox like we did, see our webpage on potty training dogs indoors.  There are many benefits to this system.

Chester and Roxie know where to go when they are inside my house and of course they can also go outdoors too when they are outside on dog walks and at dog parks.

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