Price Check On Milkbone Dog Biscuits

#dogs #dog  — My neighbour and I were discussing prices of various dog products yesterday.  We talked about retail stores like Walmart that has a pet supply section as well as the Bulk Barn retail chain here in Ontario.  It’s a known fact that some items at the bulk type of retailers are in fact not cheaper than other stores like Walmart or grocery stores.  So since I had to go out to pick up a few things anyway today, I decided to do a quick price comparison of Milkbone dog biscuits.

The 800 gram box of Milkbone dog biscuits I bought the other at Walmart was $3.77 while the price at the Bulk Barn across the parking lot is 44 cents per 100 grams.  So the equivalent price for 800 grams of biscuits at Bulk Barn (not including the weight of the retail box of course) would have been $3.52, a difference of 25 cents.

I wouldn’t really bother to go to Bulk Barn just to get dog biscuits if the price check revealed only a 25 cent difference.  But another interesting observation today was that I went into Canadian SuperStore across the street to pick up a few groceries and they had an 800 gram box of their own brand X dog biscuits for about $2.75 or so.

So that’s just some local info for the dog owners out here in the local Toronto area but others in other areas should be advised that the bulk stores are not always cheaper.  In fact, one honest cashier at Bulk Barn even mentioned to me that some items are in fact priced higher than grocery stores while some are cheaper.  So when it comes to dog biscuits or anything else, you would just have to do some local price comparisons.

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