Potty Training Dogs No Longer An Issue

Potty Training Dogs Was Successful Early

Although in my household, potty training dogs was successful early on with my two lhasa apsos so this is no longer an issue.  This is particularly true since they are both potty trained indoors with a litter box and therefore do not really have to go outdoors.

However, since winter started up here in Canada, we went out on the trails and roads a few times early on and my girl Roxie was quite irritated by the road salt.  So for the last week or so, we’ve only been going out to our backyard area to play with their neighbourhood dog friends who also share the same space.

Need To Do Longer Walks

However, whenever we do go to the back, my boy Chester plays with his dog friends but Roxie prefers just to explore the grounds.  As a result, Chester still gets in some good exercise but I don’t think Roxie does.  Since both of my dogs can gain weight if I’m not careful, I do think they need to do longer walks as they did the rest of the year.

So despite having gone through potty training dogs here, we still want to go out when it’s relatively nice outside for exercise.  The big problem is the road salt since it just puts a stop to our walks with irritated paws.

Need Dog Boots For Winter

Therefore, we do need to get dog boots.  I’ve researched some brands and I’m down to two possible ones, Muttluks and Pawz.  Muttluks are the more expensive and fancy ones.  Pawz on the other hand, are quite inexpensive and are actually disposible.  They might be not as long lasting as Muttluks but for the price of under $20 to outfit both of my dogs, they might be worth a try.

I’m only going to use dog boots for the winter since my two dogs are fine without them for the rest of the year.  So I’ll go out to Ren’s today to check out the dog boots and will likely buy some Pawz unless the sales person gives me some really negative feedback about them.

If you are in a case where potty training dogs is still or going to be something that needs to be done as a new dog owner, see my dog website where I have information on this topic as well as general basic dog training information along with a free video.

I’ll report on the dog boots soon.

Okay, okay: next time, I *will* get you an umbrella
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Yourdon

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