Potty Training Dogs Might Include Dog Boots In Winter

Potty Training Dogs In Winter

I can see that potty training dogs in the winter might have to include some education for both the dog and owner with dog boots.  If dog owners take their pets outside each day, they may find that their four legged friends get irritation with road salt in areas where there is snow during the winter months.  My dogs get irritated by the salt, especially my girl Roxie who has been known to stop in her tracks if something on her paws hurt her.

My experience with dog boots so far has been neutral.  They are hard to put on but they do work in preventing the irritation of road salt and they do keep your dog’s paws warmer if sensitive to cold.  So for normal walks during the winter, there might have to be a training process within potty training dogs with respect to the dog boots.

Our Use Of Dog Boots

For us, we have settled on Muttluks brand of dog boots for both of my lhasa apsos.  For the first couple of times, they were hard to put on but not as hard as the Pawz brand which we returned.  I’m getting better at putting the Muttluks on as I now roll up the upper cloth part before slipping them onto each paw.  I’ll have a fuller review of Muttluks soon.

For now, we will probably just put the dog boots on when going for normal walks outside where we have to venture into roads or sidewalks with salt.  That’s if we go out on our normal walking routes at all.  My dogs don’t have to go on these walks during wintertime since my method of potty training dogs include the use of an indoor dog litter box.  We just go out for fun and exercise when the weather is nice (for winter).

Otherwise, we just might go out in the backyard area to play for a bit and since there’s no salt back there, we don’t use the dog boots.  If either of my dogs get cold, they can come inside whenever they need to as I leave the sliding patio door open a bit.

That’s one of the main benefits of potty training dogs to use a dog litter box indoor.  We don’t have to go out when the weather is bad.  See the link for more information on this.  In the meantime, when we do use the dog boots, we do have to take some extra time to put them on before we go out and when we come back, they have to be put up to dry as you can see in the photo below.

muttluks dog boots potty training dogs dog litter box

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  • Mike V.

    How have you found the Muttluks in terms of wash-ability? I like the idea of the single use, disposable feature of the Pawz but not the waste created. Wonder if they are working on a biodegradable version of the product. There is certainly no end to the variety of dog boots on the market.