Potty Training Dogs In Apartment Buildings

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Years ago, dogs lived only in houses but an interesting development is the growth of the dog population in apartment buildings and condominium high-rises.  Of course, being in a building poses some interesting challenges including potty training for dog owners and their pets.

Everything from stairs to elevators and then possibly a shortage of green space outside in downtown areas will make a lot of people in living in apartment buildings forget about the idea of having dogs, even if dogs were allowed in the buildings.

However, there is a way around this so that dog ownership is very feasible in apartments.  I have done this for many years with my dogs.  I even lived on the 12th floor of one condo building.  The secret is potty training dogs indoors with a dog litter box.

It turns out that potty training dogs with an indoor litter box is perfect for apartment pets.  Here’s a short video I shot which I talk about this interesting situation a bit more.

If you know of other dog owners who live in apartment buildings or condo high-rises, please share this video with them especially if they are still having to go outside a few times per day with their dogs.

According to Purina, Manhattan in New York city is a huge region where many apartment dogs are already use to potty training indoors.  This makes sense especially given the winters there.

I have lots of information this subject at my potty training dogs indoors website.

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  • Dorita Macdonald

    My new puppy is very small new breed mix called Shorkie, the Vet has had all new puppies in my area of California kept isolated at home until all 3 puppy shots are complete before being able to leave home. Sadly there is a large amount of dogs that have been either treated for Parvo or have died. When I come home from shopping I was even told to disinfect the bottom of my tennis shoes before walking into my house. So I am on hold until the first of next month to enroll my puppy in a nursery school, we both need some training in behavior and obedience at the local pet store. My dog also need socializing with other dogs. He will 4 months old when he starts his classes. It has been 15 years since I had puppies and due to my age have forgotten how to discipline the correct way, I tend to spoil my dogs over the years and have a tough time being firm and in control. I really enjoy Clint Cora in his indoor potty training and using a litter box ideas, so far my tiny pup isn’t cooperating with the litter box, prefers the potty pads and amazing how he is adjusting to where to go, it just is going to take more time as he is so small to adjust to being placed in the litter box, he jumps right out frightened, but in time as he grows and gets older I feel he will accept the box with no fear, he has a room that is all set up with his crate, food, water in my laundry room with a gate in the doorway. He gets a lot of exercise in the kitchen for running which is next to his room, but he isn’t allowed anywhere else until he is trained fully.