Potty Training Big Dogs Indoors Is Possible

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Many in the dog world today agree that potty training small dogs indoor to use a dog litterbox is ideal, especially in apartment buildings.  Many also quickly conclude that for big dogs, they would have to go outside.

However, big dogs have been trained to use indoor facilities successfully.  I’ve heard of greyhounds for example, being successful at potty training with modified dog litterboxes.

Although commercial dog litterboxes by Petco and Purina as well as others tend to make their products for small dogs, functional substitutes can be constructed for bigger dogs.  One can easily use a large dog crate top and a similar plastic box or pan as the litterbox.

I’ve even heard of dog owners who constructed built in dog toilet facilities right at home complete with drainage and plumbing all from materials easily found at building supply centers.  So it’s just a matter of sourcing or making a large enough dog litterbox for the size of your dog.

The actual potty training progression of course would be identical no matter what size or breed of dog.  The good thing is that the benefits with using an indoor litterbox are still very attractive no matter if you have a small, medium or large size dog.

With successful potty training indoors, both you and your dog can still stay indoors during bad weather outside and you no longer have to rush home in time to let your dog out.  Dogs of all sizes can simply go to their designated dog toilet inside the house at their convenience.

For more information on how to accomplish this, just go to potty training your dog indoors.  For more general dog training, I also have a free basic dog obedience video you can access to help you get started with your dog on the right track.

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