Potty Patch For Dogs Instead Of Dog Litter

Potty Patch For Dogs

I am still planning to interview and hopefully do a video review of a potty patch for dogs system that was built right here in Canada.  I met the makers back in the All About Pets Show a few weeks ago in Toronto and just haven’t contacted them yet.  There are a few such systems on sale in the market in both the US and Canada with varying degrees of bells and whistles such as drainage systems.

It would be an interesting comparison between a potty patch for dogs system and dog litter though.  I would like to compare whether there is a significant difference in terms of odour control and if the various potty patch liners could be easily washed as the different manufacturers claim.

One Obvious Advantage Of Potty Patch For Dogs

One obvious advantage of potty patch for dogs systems is the elimination of tracking of dog litter.  This is a minor inconvenience especially with the smaller sized pellets like Yesterday’s News by Purina but not so much with Second Nature or the Petco store brand of dog litter.  With a potty patch for dogs, there will be no tracking to pick up after.  Also, one doesn’t need a continuous supply of dog litter either.

But again, whether the a potty patch will absorb odour better than a good brand of dog litter such as Second Nature will have to be tested.   I know for sure that plain newspapers were not very good at absorbing urine odour at all so dog litter was certainly a real blessing when they were introduced in the dog market.

Training For Potty Patch For Dogs Is The Same

However, no matter which indoor system you choose to use for your pooch whether dog litter or a potty patch for dogs, the potty training will be the same since you are teaching your puppy to use a specific location to eliminate inside the house.  For more details on this, see my Potty Training Puppies Indoors page.

potty patch for dogs training puppies
Creative Commons License photo credit: simonov

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