Potty Pads For Dogs Mentioned In Video

Potty Pads For Dogs

I’m still working on my new video program which will include some mention of potty pads for dogs.  This will be the video version of my book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’.  I actually didn’t call them potty pads in the video but referred to them as pee pads which are the same thing.

In short, I just say that potty pads for dogs are totally optional for new owners who are trying to potty train their puppies.  In my program on litter box training dogs, I show people how to take their puppies from newspapers to the dog litter box and pretty well bypass the use of potty pads for dogs altogether.

In my new video, there will be some footage from a dog show that I attended where there were some puppies who were using potty pads for dogs inside their crate areas.  These were exhibitors from the dog show who had puppies currently available and were showing them to visitors in addition to some of their adult dogs.

Although not as messy and stinky as newspapers, I do qualify the usage of potty pads for dogs in my new video program as I did in my book.

Potty Pads For Dogs Available At Pet Stores

The one good thing about potty pads for dogs is that they are available at most pet stores these days unlike some dog litter which might not be available yet at certain stores.  I think it’s only a matter of time when dog owners out there will see the true benefits of potty training dogs with a litter box.

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