Potential Title Of New Dog Book

#dogs #dog #puppy #puppies #dogtraining – I’ve finally come up with a potential title for my new dog book coming out in the near future.  I think the main title is going to be “Potty Training Puppies With A Litter Box” with the sub-title “Convenient Indoor House Training For Dogs”.

I figure the combination of the main title and the sub-title together will really spell it out in terms of what the actual topic of the book will be.  I don’t want my new book to be among the thousands of general dog training titles out there since mine is a specialized niche topic within the dog training world.

I also want to include both words ‘puppies’ and ‘dogs’ in the title since the book will be applicable for both young puppies and dogs who are already traditionally trained outdoors.

I shot some more of the last remaining photos needed for the book.  I think I got a decent one of my boy Chester this morning using the litter box but we’ll see once it’s loaded up on Photoshop.  I already have some of his sister Roxie using the litter box.

The one remaining challenging photo to take will be the cover photo for the book.  I’ll try taking shots of both Chester and Roxie individually posing beside the litter box but will use only one of them for the final cover.  I might elect to try taking a few shots with both of them but it might be a bit of a crowd.

I might need a few separate photo sessions with them since it will be demanding on their patience especially since flash is going to be involved with the shooting.  Also trying to get them to look into the camera without blinking or yawning.

But we are getting there.  Once the photos are done and edited, they will be formatted to the text in the book.

So what do you think of the potential title of my new dog training book so far?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: jangkwee

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