Please Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

puppy mills

photo: Life Lenses

Puppy Mills

One of my readers brought to my attention a very worthy project that she is undertaking.  She’s started a petition to ask the Ontario government to help shut down puppy mills.

As many of you already know, puppy mills are often terrible for the dogs there with lots of unhealthy and inhumane treatment.  Puppy mills are not run by licensed and qualified dog breeders who care about the welfare of their dogs.

Instead, puppy mills are just like factories that try to generate as many puppies out as possible without any regard to the health and well being of the dogs there.

Please help by taking a quick look at this Petition Against Puppy Mills.

I know that as a fellow dog owner and dog lover, you do care.  So just take a few minutes to do the right thing by checking out the link above and signing the online petition.

Thanks in advance.

Clint, Chester & Roxie

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