Plan For House Training An Older Dog

House Training An Older Dog

A lady from Brampton, Ontario just went through my new dog litterbox training video program because she wanted a plan for house training an older dog that is seven years old.  She has a schnauzer who was traditionally house trained to go outdoors but finds the bad weather days to be quite tough especially when her dog is scared of thunder.

We have a few celebrations up here in Canada where people shoot fireworks and this dog, much like one of mine, is terrified by the sound of the loud bangs the fireworks make.  During these nights, it’s also very difficult to take her dog outside.

Dog Litterbox Training Will Be A Good Option

To add to all this, this lady may be getting a job in downtown Toronto where she will be away up to 12 hours per day and she doesn’t really want to use a dog walker as she claims that her dog doesn’t react well to strangers coming into the house when she’s not there.  All of these conditions point to dog litterbox training as a good option for her schnauzer.

She told me that she agrees with my opinion that dogs should not have to hold things in for such a long period of time and that they should have access to something inside when they need it.  This is option will also create more freedom from fixed schedules for dog owners who might have to be away from home for work.

House Training An Older Dog For Indoors

Of course, for this particular case, the bad weather days and let’s add in the fireworks nights will also make dog litterbox training indoors very helpful.  It’s a longer process to for house training an older dog again to use something indoors but not impossible as I lay out a feasible training progression in both my book and video program on dog litterbox training.

There are some other benefits with respect to dog toilet training a senior to use a dog litterbox.  As they come to a point where they have less mobility, an indoor spot will be a nice option for them.

house training an older dog litterbox training
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