Picking Up Dogs Poop Part Of Dog Ownership

#puppy #puppies  —-  One of my former neighbours in Montreal emailed me yesterday and told me that she is getting a new puppy.  It was interesting because she also mentioned that she is not very good at giving discipline and that she will let her two teenage sons have this responsibility for the new puppy since it is them who really wanted a dog in the first place.  Of course, we all know that picking up dogs poop will be a regular part of dog ownership and these teen boys will certainly come to realize that.

She knows that in the next few weeks as they start to house train their new puppy, the boys will have to get use to cleaning up accidents with their new cute little dog pooping all over the house as well as making sure things that should not be eaten or chewed up should not be left all over the house with easy access for the dog.

As dog owners, the rest of us know just how dogs are able to train US to pick up after ourselves in regards to our shoes, towels, clothing and other household items that should not be left on the floors!

Of course, I did my part to help out my former neighbour by pointing her to my free 13 minute video on puppy training tips that will help her and her two sons tremendously especially since this will be their first dog ever.  You can sign up for access to this video at the sidebar of my dog blog or at my Facebook dog page as well.

New dog owners, especially children and teens, will soon realize that even after their dogs are completely house trained, picking up dogs poop whether outside or in a litterbox in my case, is a fact of dog ownership life that will never end.

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