Petzlife Seems To Be Making A Difference In My Dog’s Teeth

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I’ve been trying out the oral pet product Petzlife for over a week now and although I missed the odd night, the product does seem to be making a different on my dog’s teeth.  My boy Chester was starting to show some tartar buildup especially on his second last molars on both sides.

I wanted to give this product a trial especially when I have already been hearing glowing reports from both a neighbour as well as from my local pet supply store.  Although the product is not cheap (average $25 to $30 for a small bottle), I would much rather use Petzlife than resort to even more costly dental cleaning at the vet clinic which will required general anesthetic.  By the way, I got a deal on a bottle of Petzlife peppermint gel on eBay.

The Petzlife combined with daily teeth brushing and dental treats hopefully will do the job for my boy.  My girl Roxie on the other hand, has perfect teeth with no tartar at all.  It seems that brushing and dental treats are adequate for her.  If you haven’t seen my video on brushing dog teeth, check it out at the link.

Actually on my boy Chester, it was just those single molars (two in total) that really had any tartar buildup.  The rest of his teeth were quite clean.  So after about three weeks of daily usage of Petzlife, I’ll take the frequency down to every few days as directed by the product instructions.

Both my dogs will be seeing our vet this coming Friday for their annual checkups so after a few more nights of daily Petzlife, I hope the vet will be impressed.

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