Petco Adds Own Dog Litter Brand

#dog #dogs #pets — I was in the Buffalo, New York area yesterday for a day trip since I had a speaking engagement to do at Daemen College which is in Amherst just north of the city – for information on my speaking, see Clint Cora Speaking Programs.  Whenever I go across the border over there, I try to stop over at either a Petco or Petsmart to stock up on Purina Second Nature dog litter which is unfortunately not available in Canada.

I ended up at the Petco store that I’ve been to a few times before on Niagara Falls Blvd off the I-290 near Tonawanda.  Almost got confused with another Niagara Falls Blvd further north of I-190 closer around Niagara Falls.  But anyway, I went to the dog litter section at Petco and looks like they don’t carry Purina Second Nature anymore.  During the last trip I went there in April, they had already replaced the Second Nature litterbox with their own Petco brand litterbox, which I bought.

This time around, they had their own Petco dog litter on the shelf which replaced the Purina Second Nature brand.  They had a 12 pound bag as well as a 20 pound bag.  The smaller bag was see through and I can see that the Petco pellets look very much like the Second Nature ones in shape and size.  Petco is obviously going after the same market as Second Nature.  The larger bag was not see through but I assumed it was the same pellets.  I ended up buying two 20 pound bags at $13.99 each.

I probably should have bought more bags to stock up but I still have a full large bag of Purina Second Nature at home.  I figure that the three large bags along with some of the smaller pellets from Yesterday’s News mixed in will last me several months.

This morning, I compared the pellets of Second Nature and the Petco brand.  They look identical except the Petco brand is a lighter gray in colour and doesn’t have the shiny coating that Second Nature has.  I hope the Petco brand will be just as absorbent as the Second Nature pellets.  The Petco brand does have a lower price than the Purina brand does.

Next time I go down to New York state, I’ll probably stop in at a Petsmart as well to see if they adjust the prices of Purina Second Nature dog litter to compete with the Petco brand.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Yourdon

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