Pet Sitters Provide A Much Needed Service

#pets #dogs #dog — I’ll be going on a short trip to the US this week to speak at a college in upstate New York.  Fortunately, I booked my pet sitter to come in and look after my two dogs while I’m away.  She’ll actually be staying overnight at my house and this eliminates the need for me to board them at a kennel like I had to for a previous trip.

Pet sitters provide a much need service for pet owners like myself who travel.  My dogs can stay in familiar surroundings of home rather than be confined in a kennel.  The cost of using my pet sitter compared to the kennel boarding rate is about the same so of course I’m going to elect to have my dogs stay at home whenever possible.

If you travel and have to board your dogs, you might want to consider using a pet sitter for your next trip.  Just bring them in for interviews and to meet your dog in order to determine if it’s the right person for you to look after your beloved pet while you are away.

In my case, meeting my pet sitter was purely coincidental.  I was talking about kennels at my vet office and it turns out that one of the vet assistants freelances as a pet sitter.  So this was a no-brainer to me.  A vet clinic professional to look after my dogs.  Of course, this is not a requirement of a pet sitter but it’s a nice bonus.

You can find pet sitters online and maybe some business cards at your local pet stores and vet offices.

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