Pet Sitter Saw Dogs Who Went Through Puppy Litter Training

#pets #dogs #dog #puppy #puppies —  My pet sitter remarked to me that she had other clients locally with dogs who also went through puppy litter training much like my two did.  Some were using commercial dog litter while some others were using the litter box system where a grass turf surface is used instead.

This grass turf system is on sale a Petsmart in Canada as well as in the US.  Basically it’s the same concept with the only difference that a grass turf surface is used rather than dog litter such as Purina Second Nature.  The grass surface of course must be washed out regularly.

The puppy litter training is pretty well the same since the main objective is to train your puppy dog to go eliminate in a specific location inside the home whenever it needs to.  This could be anytime during the daytime or at night when you are asleep.

The benefits with indoor litter training are significant with no more rushing home to take your dog outside.  You are much more free to come and go as you please without having to stick to some fixed schedule, ie., your dog’s bladder schedule.

The entire puppy litter training progression is detailed step by step in my new book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’.  This is the same progression that I use to train my own dogs.

I’m delighted to see that this method in the dog world has grown steadily as more and more owners are realizing the benefits.  The winter is coming up here in Canada and we can already feel the cold.  My dogs and I will certainly be glad that they went though indoor puppy litter training.  This will make it easier on pet sitters too, especially during the winter.

For more information including videos on this system, see my puppy litter training page.

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