Pet Show Exhibitors Must Have Used Puppy Crate Training

Puppy Crate Training

I saw lots of evidence of good puppy crate training yesterday.  I was at the All About Pets Show yesterday as it is now an annual show in the Toronto area up at the International Centre.  As expected, there were lots of exhibitors who brought their dogs with them.  These were a nice mix of breeders, dog rescue groups, dog food makers and pet supply retailers.

Most of the exhibitors with dogs had crates set up somewhere in their booths.  Some also had tables in the front with their smaller sized dogs up on display and for easy interaction with the public.  The bigger dogs were on ground level.  All dogs were quite friendly and eager to greet the public.

A Good Use Of Puppy Crate Training

However, since it is a three day show, dogs like humans, do get tired especially when the pet show is a constant buzz of people during the opening hours.  They are long days for everyone, both humans and dogs.

As the show went on, I could see that the puppy crate training that all of these dogs must have went through successfully really came into use.  Not only for house training purposes, but the crates gave the dogs a place to take much needed breaks away from all the action of the show.

I could see that sometimes when the dogs were not out mingling with the crowds, they were relaxing or even sleeping in their crates near the backs of the exhibitor booths.  Therefore, we can see that another great benefit of puppy crate training was to give a comfortable place for dogs to relax.

All Dog Owners Should Learn About Puppy Crate Training

This is a good cue from all of these pet professionals from the All About Pets Show that puppy crate training is a good thing to include for the rest of us dog owners.  The use of dog crates is not cruel but something our furry friends can look forward to for relaxation and sleeping.  For more details as well as a video on this, see my Dog Crate Training article.  For a free basic dog training video, see the top sidebar of this blog or my dog website.

puppy crate training dog crates

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