Pet Medicine Way Too Expensive At Vet Clinics

#pets #dog #dogs #cats #doghealth — My vet said that I should have some cortisone eye drops for my Lhasa Apso dog Chester just in case he gets another episode of cherry eye – you will know what’s going on if you have been following my blog posts on Chester’s cherry eye condition over the last few months.  Since we decided to go with a stronger anti-inflammatory agent rather than the combo antibacterial-anti-inflammatory eye ointment that was used before, I went over to the clinic to pick it up.  To my surprise, a little 10 ml bottle cost me $60!  Ouch!

Granted that this was the trade name brand Prednisolone made by the company Sandoz, I expected it to be more than any generic version.  So after that price shock, I went home and the first thing I wanted to do was compare the price I was charged at the vet clinic with what I could have got at the online pet pharmacies.

When I saw the same product at my usual online pet pharmacy, I had to recheck the bottle I got from the vet clinic just to see if it was the same one.  And sure enough, the same 10 ml size and also made by Sandoz rather than a generic, was way less expensive at the online pet pharmacy.

I had thought originally that for some eye drops, it probably would not be worth it to go through an online pet pharmacy especially since just the one prescription would be under the free shipping threshold which would result in about a $10 shipping charge.  Well, the online price for Prednisolone made by Sandoz was $25.

So even with a $10 shipping charge, I would have saved over $25 by going through the online pet pharmacy instead of getting it directly from my vet clinic.  And I didn’t really need this medication until Chester gets another bout of cherry eye either – it wasn’t an urgent prescription.

So next time you need pet medicine that is not urgent, you just might want to check with the online sources first before agreeing to get it from the vet clinic.  See my article on my experiences with online pet pharmacies to get a better idea of what they are all about.

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