Personal Self Growth And Dogs

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For many people, personal self growth includes a world of being a dog owner. Dogs (and other pets I’m sure) have a way of teaching their owners some things about life. I know that has been the case for me so far as I currently own two beautiful lhasa apso dogs pictured below (they are actually my second pair I’ve ever had).

However, being a successful dog owner as many dog owners out there will tell you, does require dedication and some education on your part as the owner, not just for the dog. Indeed, dog training is really about training both the dog and the owner.

For those who have failed as dog owners, the blame is often on the dog as being bad. But the fact is that there really are no bad dogs, only bad owners who have been too ignorant about the realities of responsible dog ownership.

I’ve started to write me next book which actually has nothing in common with personal self growth in general (unlike my book The Life Champion In You which is totally about growth as a person). However, for aspiring dog owners out there, my next book can be considered partly self growth since it will be focused on a particular aspect of dog training.

In the meantime, if any of you have an interest in dogs in general whether aspiring owners or current experienced owners, check out my Life With Dogs and Puppies Facebook page as everyone is welcome to post photos of their beloved dogs as well.

I have a separate website that has free videos on basic dog training that might be worthwhile to check out as well.

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