Pawz Dog Boots Too Hard To Put On

Pawz Dog Boots Review

As I was writing some more articles on dog toilet training, I decided to try out some dog boots for the winter here.  I saw some good prices at Ren’s, a local pet supplier.  So off I went to get them.

After getting home, I tried to put on some Pawz dog boots on my girl Roxie.  Although she was willing to stay still for me, it was just too tough to put them on.  They are like balloons and the red size I got would fit perfectly.

However, the openings are quite small so I needed both hands to stretch them out.  That leaves no hands to guide my dog’s paw into one.  I spent about five minutes just trying to put one on.  I managed to get two of them on with much frustration and soon realized that this is a two person job.

I can see how they would stay on though because the openings would be pretty snug.  But since I’m alone, there’s just no practical way I can see myself putting these on especially given that I would have to put eight of them on for two dogs.

The price is certainly right.  If they did last all winter, I would have been able to have both of my dogs fully protected for about $20.  Too bad again, I think you need two people to put these on.  So unfortunately, I will be returning these Pawz dog boots to the store.  Hopefully, somebody else can use them.

I’ll probably try another brand out that’s easier to put on even if I have to pay more money for them.  I’ll report on the next brand soon.

Meanwhile, back to the articles on dog toilet training.  Of course, my free basic dog training video is still available for all.

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