Panalog Works Great For Dog Ear Infections

#dog #dogs #doghealth  — Just when my boy Chester is recovering from his last bout of cherry eye with the help of that excellent BNPH ointment for his eye, my girl Roxie developed an ear infection on her right ear.  The entire inside ear was red with some more wax than usual.

Chester did get an ear infection a few months ago and the vet prescribed something that I used on my two previous dogs before.  This is Panalog ointment which is an antimicrobacterial agent.  It use to work wonders for my previous lhasa apsos and this time it worked really well for Chester as well.

Since I had quite a lot of leftover Panalog, I used it on Roxie a few nights ago.  In the morning, I noticed a dramatic improvement already with much less red in her ear.  I applied another dose in the morning and by evening, her ear had practically cleared up.

Rather than like the tube shown below, I always got Panalog, which is a yellow coloured ointment, in a little plastic bottle that the vet clinic dispenses it in.  This plastic bottle is quite handy in applying doses of Panalog directly to the ear canals of dogs.

Roxie will get morning and evening applications for a week even though her ear looks fine today.  Floppy ear dogs like lhasa apsos are prone to ear infections so it’s not surprising that both of my dogs had them.  In fact, I’m kind of surprised that my present dogs don’t get them more frequently as my previous lhasa apsos use to get their ears infected on a regular basis.

Panalog is definitely something very useful to have around especially if you have a floppy ear dog.  It’s one of the old standbys from the vet clinics as it had been around for some time.

panalog ointment dog ear infections

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