Our Response To Natura Innova Pet Food Recall

Natura Innova Pet Food Recall

I just heard a few days ago about the Natura Innova pet food recall from one of my Twitter contacts.  Natura’s line of pet food brands includes Innova, Evo and others.

This most recent pet food recall was back a few weeks so obviously Natura didn’t do a very good job in publicizing it as I only found out recently.  There is a potential Salmonella issue from their processing plant which will affect all of their brands of pet food – dog food, cat food and pet treats.

Related To My Dogs Not Feeling Well

I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not but last week, my Roxie started getting frequent (sometimes bloody) diahrrea and she stopped eating her Innova dog food altogether for four days.  Her brother Chester developed the same symptoms about a day after Roxie started but continued to eat his meals – he is always the better eater anyway.

Roxie even didn’t want her daily treats the first day but did accept them from day two and on.  I did not take her and her brother to the vet just yet because I wanted to see if their symptoms became self limited, which they usually are in these cases of wet stools.

Chester went back to normal rather quickly after about two days and for Roxie, she was okay with eating and more normal stools after the four days.

The weird thing is that we were already about 75% finished with our current large bag of Innova (weight control formula) dog food.  I don’t know if perhaps a small part of the bag was tainted with a bug that caused the symptoms or not.

Worked Out With My Global Pet Foods Retailer

The retailer I get all of my dog food from is my local Global Pet Foods location at Meadowvale Centre as we are on a frequent purchaser plan where every 12 bags or so we are entitied to a free bag of dog food.  I called them up and the owner Peter suggested I bring in the rest of the 25% large bag we had left.

Peter of Global Pet Foods was nice enough to give me a full refund for an entire large bag even though we already went through 75% of one.  I didn’t want anymore Innova even though my Lhasa Apso dogs have been on it for the last 6-7 years.

I didn’t keep any for a transition to a new food either because my dogs are usually pretty good at trying new dog food without the need to gradually transition.  Peter showed my several brands of low fat or weight control dog food available since my two dogs easily gain extra weight if we are not careful.

Peter said that this was the 4th pet food recall from Natura in the last six months and he is pretty close to dropping the entire line from his store.  Most of his other customers who previously bought a Natura brand of pet food have already transitioned into another brand outside of Natura.

Will Try Acana Dog Food

He ended up giving me a small bag of the low fat formula called Light And Fit from a Canadian brand called Acana to try free of charge.  I thought this was really cool of him – talk about ways to secure my future business.

When I brought home the bag of Acana, it was time to test it for my two dogs’ dinnertime.  And they absolutely loved it!  Even Roxie, who is a pickier eater than her brother, licked her dog dish clean.

So once we finish this bag of Acana, we’ll order a large bag from Global Pet Foods.  Peter even carried over my credits of past purchases of Innova dog food into the frequent purchaser program for me.

So looks like our Innova days are over as we move over to a completely new brand of dog food for Chester and Roxie.


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