Our Favorite Dog Walk Will Soon Close For Winter

Our Favorite Dog Walk

I live in a great location for having dogs even though we live in a condo townhouse complex in a city (Mississauga near Toronto).  However, right behind our complex is a huge park area that contains three soccer fields and three baseball diamonds plus lots more park space.  So the area is quite large and is also fitted with garbage bins making it convenient to dump dog poop.

However, this park area, although really nice, is not our favorite dog walk.  Instead, across the street from the park is a large wooded area with four different marked trails.  These woods are our favorite place to do our dog walks and we go there to do a different trail pretty well five out of seven days of the week.

Woods Really Pretty During Fall Season

These woods are especially pretty during the fall season here as most of the trees will have their leaves turning red, orange and yellow.  I even shot an entire episode of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show here in these woods as I wanted to show my international viewers the beauty of these woods during autumn.  Many international viewers do not get the opportunity to see such autumn leaves where they live.

Near mid-fall season, these leaves start falling to the ground and my dogs just love romping through them.  I shot the episode around this time of season when there were leaves still up on the trees as well as some on the ground.  Catch this episode to see these beautiful scenery as well as an important personal growth message at Autumn Leaves Change For Success.

Dog Walk Closes For Winter

The one unfortunate thing about these woods is that the trails are not maintained by the city during the winter.  So snow and ice are not cleared at all throughout the winter season making it quite impossible to go through from about late December to late February.

We tried going through during the early parts of winter but the ice buildup just makes things to treacherous to walk on.  So we take the dog walk around the park instead which is sometimes maintained by the city in terms of clearing the paths for us. You can see part of these parks with my dogs since we used it as a scene for my free basic dog training video that you can access at my dog potty training website.

Happy Thanksgiving
Creative Commons License photo credit: geraldbrazell

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