Our Dog Room After Puppy Housebreaking Training

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In this video, I show you the dog room that is set up at my house after successful indoor puppy housebreaking training with my two dogs Chester and Roxie.  Since my dogs were so well trained, they are completely housebroken with an indoor litter box that you can see in their dog room.

This type of dog room is also possible for you as well with your dog as long as you go through proper puppy housebreaking training like we did.  For a lot more information, I set up my special dog potty training website just for this.

Here’s the video with our dog room at home.

This concept of puppy housebreaking indoors has really taken off as evidence is at the pet supply stores with all the dog litter box products available in the market now.  Of course, the training is a bit specific which is why I created my dog website.  This website not only promotes the awareness of this method for dog owners out there, but also has resources to completely educated on puppy housebreaking specifically with an indoor system like a dog litter box.

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  • Maria

    This is a great idea & I am sure many people will find it very useful .