Ontario Puppies Can Get Headstart On Winter

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photo: annrkiszt

Ontario Puppies Headstart

Ontario puppies can most certainly get a headstart on winter if their dog owners decide to start potty training them to use a dog litterbox now.  Although western Canada has already been hit with snow, we are estimating that the major snow is still about a month away here in southern Ontario.

So this gives new dog owners and their Ontario puppies a good month to start a new potty training program with a dog litterbox which will basically enable puppies to do their business indoors in a designated spot when winter days get too harsh for outdoor dog walks or even quick trips to the backyard.  Keep in mind that dog litterbox training does not mean that puppies will have to do their business inside all the time.

Puppies In Ontario Learn Additional Skills

This is additional skills that puppies learn so that depending on where they are, whether inside or outside, they know where to go.  If it’s a nice day outside that is not too cold or windy or during a blizzard, dog owners can certainly enjoy a outing with their dogs.

Potty training puppies with a dog litterbox simply gives them an alternative location to go to when indoors.  When everyone is inside the house and the puppy needs to go, he or she will simply go to the dog litterbox on its own.

It’s best to start this type of puppy potty training now so that puppies will have a big headstart in the training progression when learning to use a dog litterbox.  There are enough local supplies in Ontario based pet stores to get started on everything that is needed.

And since southern Ontario is so close to the USA border, an occasional trip down south to get really good supplies is pretty easy. To get more details on the training progression, see Dog Litterbox Training.



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