One Neighbour’s Dogs Are Not Trained

Although we have a nice crew of dogs here at my neighbourhood who play together, we do have two neighbours with dogs who are just not socialized.  These dogs are scared of other dogs and as a result, they never come out when our dogs are outside.  One black puppy in particular screams her head off all the time.  Yesterday, my two dogs saw this black puppy and the puppy kept screaming again while her owner tried to coax her to relax.  Of course, we know that the puppy is not paying any attention to the owner if he doesn’t assert any authority that the puppy respects.

The question I have is why doesn’t the owner of these untrained dogs spend some time and a small investment in classes towards properly training their dogs?  Do they actually expect their dogs to get better all on their own?  Even basic commands like on the video I offer for free at this blog’s sidebar is a good start.

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