One Dog Likes Snow While The Other Doesn’t

Dog Likes Snow

We are getting quite a buildup of snow outside up here near Toronto, Canada.  Sometimes I take my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and his sister Roxie out in the back yard area to play and get some exercise.  We only go out for fun since they both went through indoor dog potty training.  Chester runs outside right away and seems to really love romping in the snow while his sister Roxie is a bit more reserved.

Sometimes Roxie likes to explore around the snow as well while other times, it seems she just can’t wait to go back inside.  I usually leave the sliding back door open so she can go back inside whenever she wants and quite often, she takes advantage of this.

Her brother is always the last to come back inside during the winter and if one of the neighbourhood doggie friends are outside, he won’t want to come back inside for awhile.

Difference Between Boys And Girls?

Sometimes, I open the door to the balony deck where there is also a snow buildup.  Chester again runs right outside but Roxie sometimes just stops at the doorway, much like if it was just like rain conditions out there.  The last few times, she just poked her head outside without actually stepping out at all.  Meanwhile, her brother is right out on the deck checking the outside world out.

I wonder if this is a difference between boys and girls when it comes to dogs.  Maybe because Roxie being a girl, just doesn’t like to get cold and wet, at least as much as her brother does.  I could be wrong on this of course since I’m sure there are female dogs out there that love being in the snow.

It’s just that I find it very entertaining sometimes to see what different personalities my two dogs exhibit, even if they are siblings.  It’s ironic too that even though both went through indoor dog potty training and during the warmer months, Roxie will go poop outside while her brother prefers to do it inside in the dog litter box, it’s Roxie who prefers to stay indoors during the winter months.

If you have some interesting experiences with your dog during winter months to share, please do so in the comments sections below.

Loki Face
Creative Commons License photo credit: hulio82

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