Not Looking Forward To Kennel

It’s been a over two years since I’ve had to board my dogs at the kennel due to travel since I’ve been using a stay-over pet sitter.  But since both of my pet sitters are not available next week, I’ll have to place my dogs at the kennel for five nights and I’m not looking forward to this.  Although the kennel I’ve chosen seem to be top notch, it’s still not as good as having my dogs stay at familiar surroundings of their home.

At least I’ll know that this kennel has a great reputation and that they are professional.  I hope the change in location will not be too adverse on my dogs especially since I’m away for five nights.

If I do a short trip to Quebec in March, I’ll opt to either take them with me or get my pet sitter to come if she’s available.  In Quebec, I’ll put them in doggie day care while I’m out skiing and then get them at the end of the ski day so that they could spend overnights with me at the hotel.

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  • I was so happy to see so many dog lovers online. I just found your site and I hope to be a regular visitor.