No Need For Dogs To Freeze During Winter If Indoor Housetrained

indoor housetraining dog winter walks

Indoor Dog Housetraining

If you are not looking forward to having to take your new puppy dog outside during cold winters for him or her to do their business, think about indoor dog housetraining.  With use of an indoor dog litterbox, there’s no need for dogs to freeze during winter.

You can of course take your dog outside during winter when it’s not too freezing cold to have some fun and exercise since many dogs do like to play in the snow.  But when it’s crazy cold outside, being indoor housetrained has its huge benefits when neither you nor your dog need to have to go outside.

But like many winter things, it’s best to start indoor dog housetraining now rather than in the middle of the winter when ideally your dog should already be trained to go to the indoor dog litterbox as needed.  If you and your puppy dog already had to suffer through a winter already last year, it’s not too late to indoor housetrain your pet and don’t worry about them losing their ‘outdoor’ potty skills since dogs who are trained indoors know where to go when indoors as well as outdoors.

My two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie are great examples.  When they are inside and need to go, they simply go to their dog room where their indoor dog litterbox is located.  And when they are outside during a walk, they go just like other dogs.  It’s like dual training which teaches them to go to appropriate locations depending whether they are indoors or outdoors.

For more information on indoor dog housetraining, see our webpage on dog potty training with a litterbox.


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