No More Bad Weather Walks With Dog Litter Box Training

Housetraining Involves Bad Weather But Not Dog Litterbox Training

In traditional housetraining of dogs, they are taught to hold everything in while indoors and then you take them out two to three times per day for them to do their business.  This is even the case in bad weather like snowstorms or thunder showers.  So you and your dog will get wet.  Even if you stay inside and just let your dog go out to the backyard, you will stay dry but your dog will still get wet.  But this is not the case with dog litter box training.

The video below will show that both of my dogs do not like being outside in the rain.  They hate getting wet.

Fortunately, there is a way to housetrain your dog so that neither of you will get wet.  This is possible because during bad weather, my dogs and I stay inside where it’s nice and dry.  They don’t have to go out at all since both of them went through successful dog litter box training indoors.

Dog Litter Box Training Results In Staying Inside

When the weather is lousy out there, we simply stay indoors.  We go outdoors only when it’s nice outside and only to play and exercise.  Otherwise, there’s no reason for us to venture outdoor when it’s cold and/or wet.

Dog litter box training has eliminated bad weather walks for us and this is also possible for you and your dog as well.  You too can stay indoors during bad weather where it’s warm, comfortable and dry.  But you have to follow a specific training progression in order to achieve this.

For more information on how to do this, see my webpage on Dog Litter Box Training.  Also see my homepage or the sidebar of this dog blog to get free access to a basic dog obedience training video.  While you are at it, if you know others who are in the same situation as you where they would love to eliminate bad weather dog walks as well, please share this video with them via the Facebook, Twitter and other social media buttons above and below this post.

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