New Study Suggests City Dog Owners Treat Our Dogs As Kids

#dogs #dog #pets — There is a new study out of the University of Indiana and it suggests that city dog owners are more apt to treat our dogs as our kids compared to those dog owners who live out in the country.  According to David Blouin, the cultural sociologist behind the research, he said that he found that attitudes about dogs usually fell in one of three distinct categories:

“Humanist, where dogs were highly valued and considered close companions, like pseudo people; protectionists might be vegetarians and they greatly valued animals in general, not just as pets; dominionists saw animals as separate and less important than people, often using the dogs for hunting and pest control and requiring them to live outdoors”

The study results were announced in a special university press release.  Dog owners in rural areas see dogs as animals although I’m sure that there are some country folks who also see their dogs as kids too.  But we just see more of this in the cities.

I would tend to agree with this study as having lived in major cities all my life while being a dog owner and observing other city dog owners as well, many of us certainly do consider our dogs as pseudo-children.

But one thing I really do have to state based on my observations over the years, is that my two dogs as well as the two before them, certainly listen a lot better than most human children do!  Maybe that’s why I have always chosen to be a dog owner rather than a father of human kids.

What do you think of the study results?

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